Toy Culture Pays Tribute to Famous Names of the Past

Everyone has a hero, for some, he or she looks up to someone who is a real life hero and role model, for others the hero is a superman or fantasy hero from films or literature. Superman, Spiderman and Batman spring to mind immediately as fictional heros. Real life heroes are more likely to be personal and mirror your interests or career path. So soldiers look up to Generals or their line officer; actors look up to famous stars who have paved their way to stardom; athletes look up to former champions as their stars and aspire to be as great as them I would like here to bring to your attention two heroes of the past who have been celebrated in model toy pedal planes. skywings

Baron Manfred von Richthofen is one of the iconic figures to have come out of the First World War. He was born in 1892 and died in the conflict in 1918- a mere 26 years old! He was one of the early fliers whose bravery and daredevil escapades made him a national hero in Germany and in subsequent times he has been honoured by his enemies. The planes he flew were flimsy and difficult to fly; however, many men who flew in those early days felt free and empowered by the little aircraft and became pilots for life. The Baron’s fighter group was called “Richtohofen’s Flying Circus” and he was known as the Red Baron. Not surprisingly, it is now possible to buy a pedal plane replica of the Red Baron’s plane for young children from 3-6 years. Riding this pedal plane they will become the Red Baron and help keep him alive in their memories! The pedal plane is painted bright red and has the words Red Baron boldly painted on the fuselage. Also as the little pilot pedals away the propeller spins round like a real plane. affluentwords

Another name to be immortalised in a toy is “Sky King”. This was an American radio and TV programme in the 1950s. It was about an Arizona ranger and aircraft pilot called Schuler (called Skyler) who became Sky King. It was based on the real life of a man called Jack Cones, the Flying Constable of Twentynine Palms during the 1930s. The programme has a strong cowboy element to it, but he also caught criminals and spies, as well as searching for lost hikers. His personal plane was called “Song bird”. The programme was usually on children’s TV but sometimes it was on prime time slots and it became an icon for the aviation community. Many pilots, including American astronauts who grew up watching Sky King name him as a strong influence on their career. Alfao

It is no wonder then that the Sky King plane has been chosen as a model replica pedal plane for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. The Cessna 310B has been copied carefully and some special features have been put on the pedal plane. It has a custom padded seat and shiny chrome detailing in the bright enamel gloss. Also painted on the fuselage are the words Sky King and red stars in white circles are painted on the wings.

Both these pedal cars are “Wow” toys, thei children’s hearts will leap with joy to be given such a wonderful toy and as their feet pedal the non slip pedals the propellers spin round like a proper aircraft. Cellboost


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