Is Hair an Issue When You Want to Hook Up With Women?

Okay, so I was out at this club down river last weekend, when this guy mustered his nerve and walked up to talk to me. He seemed genuine, kind, and pretty well clean. When I closed my eyes his voice was nice, and his eyes were deep crystal blue. He would have definitely at least got a dance out of me, maybe even more conversation then who know where from there.

But, he got. . . nothing! Well, I was kind in my denial, I know how fragile you guys can be.

I just could not get past his eighties influenced, “flock of seagulls” styled, weird side length emo type hair cut he had!

And you can argue all day that I am flawed, that I can’t judge a book by its cover, and I did not take the time to learn about the real man beneath. But you know what? You are right! I am not Avril Lavigne, and we are not living in the world of the “Sk8ter Boi” (skater boy).

Want to know something else? About 90% of the women out there will absolutely agree with me! Skater boy is correct, because unfortunately, we as women only see two types of guys out there in the world, little un-confident boys and confident grown men.

That particular style screamed out to me, “I am a little un-confident boy who doesn’t think much of himself so I am trying to hide behind the persona of what I thought was a cool hair cut”. And thus, I had to let the little boy go ahead on his search for a little girl, because I am all woman, and a little boy can not handle me properly.

You are probably thinking two things right about now. You are probably thinking, “what a selfish chick with an attitude”. And you are probably thinking, 613 wig “is a certain hair style really a deal breaker?”. To which I answer, no I am not, I just know what I want, and a little boy is not one of them. And absolutely, a hair style can make or break you.

His particular cut would have worked, if he was in a punk rock bar or perhaps a Goth bar or even an EMO bar. The problem is he wasn’t. And the girls (no miss-spelling there) in those three styles of bars are probably not what you are looking for, unless you want an anarchist, a dark girl more into a fictional character that drinks blood than she is you, or a way-too-emotional girl who is going to talk to you all night long about how she in not understood by anybody.

Of course, I am assuming here that as men, you want women, not little girls, too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, little girls and boys have their times (by the way, by little I mean personality, not age!).

Back to the issue at hand, hair. Let’s talk about some pet peaves women, in general, have with hair.

Maybe it is stress, maybe the times we live in, or maybe it is in the water. Whatever it is, there seems to be a lot of guys in their twenties and older losing their hair. It appears men are losing it much earlier in ages now. If not balding, definitely in thinning.

The worst possible thing you could do about it is try to grow some long hair to “comb over” to hide it. Really, I mean that with all the sincerity I can muster in text! Stop it! You remind us of some older creepy uncle when you do that!

Much better to just cut it short and act like you don’t care, showing confidence about it then the comb over. In fact, if it is that much of an issue to you, maybe you should even try the other extreme and shave it bald completely.

Here is a secret, shhhh, don’t tell everybody! We find men who shave their heads clean when they don’t seem the age to have to s-e-x-y! Why? Because it states to us that you are completely comfortable and confident with yourself and you don’t care what others think!

That makes you sexy! MMMmmmm. Of course you can blow it if you shave everything off and then still come across as self conscious about it, that is so NOT sexy!

Watch the boys of summer. Or even the actors of Hollywood. They are always on the cutting edge of hair styles. Most of the time, though, a clean cut boy projects an aire of confidence and suave sophistication.

Speaking of clean cut, what is up with all the goatees? Is there a bunch of sports figures out there that you guys are following or what? The goatees, along with the mullets, have to go! Maybe if you knew how to use a soul patch, great, but most of you don’t! So shave the stuff off, please!


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