Contrave Weight Loss Drug Review – An Obesity Cure or No?

The Contrave Weight Loss Drug Reviewed by the FDA panel has recently been given support, and now is waiting to receive full approval which is said to come sometime in early 2011.

It was developed and marketed by Orexigen Therapeutic Inc., natraj packing jobs and is supposedly different from most other weight loss products on the market because it aims to create a change in the way your brain thinks vs. working directly on your metabolism levels.

Contrave has been able to see some success, while only reporting mild to moderate side effects. If this drug is approved and is seen to find continued success, it may change the way we look at weight loss drugs and how they are developed. cannabis blog
But of course, safety comes first… Let’s get a few important questions answered here:

What’s Contrave made of?

Contrave is made of a combination of the anti-depressant, Wellbutrin and the addiction drug Naltrexone. These 2 drugs work together to stimulate your brain to help you reduce your food intake and stimulate how your body burns energy. By reducing your food intake and burning more fat, your body will naturally cause weight loss. pestcontrolservices

Attn! However don’t be too fooled, a complete diet is a MUST in order to give you the needed nutrients and minerals to keep your body healthy and of course regular exercise will work to tone your body. vipd3m

Does it Really Work?

4 test studies, performed by Orexigen Therapeutic, Inc., showed that more than one half of the people taking Contrave were able to see a success rate of weight loss equal to at least 5% of their total body weight. drug reviews

What are the Negatives?

The recently suggested a negative down side – that it is a “chronic drug” – meaning that you will only be able to see success as long as you are taking the drug. At least at this point, patients who go off the medicine are backsliding and gaining back at least some of their lost weight. ammodepot

So does Contrave really Work?

Good question. This drug is designed to help all of those who are serious about losing weight. A complete nutrition plan along with a regular exercise plan are both an equally important part of this plan. So only people willing to combine all 3 parts of the plan, will see weight loss success. Contrave will only be available by prescription, so it will require your doctor’s approval before you can take this drug. It will also require check-ups with your doctor in order to evaluate you on a semi-regular basis. garden furniture


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