The Rise in Popularity of Malaysia Food Blogs

Malaysia is a diverse country that lies almost centrally in the South East Asia region, between its more popular neighbours, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. fusionblog

What’s in a Malaysia Food Blog? Malaysians love food, we eat day in day out, probably more than the recommended 3 times a day. Food is always on our mind, with people talking about their next meal before the current meal is over.

What makes Malaysia special is that it has 3 different races living together in one country, each with very different cultures and styles of food. It’s because of this diversity that Malaysia has such a wide variety of foods and restaurants to choose from. In Malaysia, food is a very big part of the lifestyle and culture of the people.

And in the past few years, with the rise and popularity of the Internet, Malaysian food blogs are coming up in popularity, with people expressing their love for food and all things tasty with pictures, comments, videos and reviews on their personal blogs. omegawriter

Perhaps the most popular food type in Malaysia is the humble street food where the original stall/outlet was probably on wheels, by the side of the road somewhere selling to passer-bys. There tends to be a lot of history behind a lot of these simple street food stalls and with generations upon generations of people going there, they’ll be around as long as someone takes over the stall again to sell to the next generation.

Malaysian food blogs are also starting to feature more Western influenced foods, such as western cafes, steak houses, Italian restaurants and even fusion foods. In and around themselves, these blogs are starting to get more attention from businesses and the media, with food bloggers being invited to more and more events and food tasting sessions. For more info please visit these sites :-

As the Internet continues to become the definitive place to get information, the popularity of individuals expressing their ideas via the Web as a media source, the amount of food blogs is just going to keep on increasing.


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