Cruise Travel Stereotypes and Myths Explained

Considering that well over 75% of the population has never set foot on a cruise ship, many people are surprised to find out that some of the cruise myths that are frequently talks about are simply not true. This may be part of the problem that actually hinders individuals from booking an actual cruise itinerary because they may not know what to expect because of the myths surrounding cruise vacations.  cruise booking

Cruise Myth #1: Choosing the cruise line that has the best reputation will yield the  cruise experience! Unfortunately, many first time cruise vacationers do go by this cruise myth, but this is one of the worst myths to book cruises by. In fact, a cruise ship that was sailed just thirty years ago is very different from the ones that have been created in the 21st century. There are added bonuses to more recent cruise ships, like more mini-malls, casinos, and nicer rooms then older cruise ships. But considering that some well-known cruise companies and cruise liners still use their older ships, choosing a well-known cruise line will not always give the best experience. theprerollguys

Cruise Myth #2: The best prices for rooms on a cruise ship come only several weeks before the cruise ship sails. If you are waiting for an
excellent price on a room inside a cruise ship 2 weeks before the sail date then you actually should be ready to pay a hefty price! The discounting practice of cruise tickets only weeks before the sail date has pretty much ended for nearly all cruise companies and most people will be hard pressed to find a cruise ticket so cheap so little before the sail date. meridianshrooms

Cruise Myth #3: The dining room late seating is more popular than the main seating. This is actually false as the main seating times tend to fill up quicker than the late seating. If you are expecting a spot in the late seating in the dining room then you will be in luck because many prefer the main seating over the late seating!

Cruise Myth #4: Cabin upgrades can only be received through certain travel agents. Even though many people think this is true and are confused by this myth, the upgrades for cabins rely wholly with the cruise line itself. There are certain rules that the cruise lines go by when administering upgrades and discounts. The travel agent will be able to tell you what they are, but certain travel agents do not have special passes to other special discounts. universalblogs

Cruise Myth #5: Shore excursions are the same for all Caribbean cruises. This is one of the oldest myths surround cruises and those who believe it should dispel this myth completely. In fact, different cruise lines offer various and many different shore excursions, so planning your cruise itinerary carefully would be a good idea to enjoy the best experience. slot gator

The cruise myths that have been dispelled here should shed light on the fact that there are many reasons for the confusion surrounding cruise bookings and itineraries. Hopefully now, new cruise travelers will be more apt to finding cruise vacations to their liking instead of relying on false myths about cruise vacations!


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