The Secrets to Choosing the Right Camping Supplies

Seems like everyone carries a cell phone, iPod or other electronic device these days. Kids are no exception. But what happens when kids want to bring these items to summer camp? jewishbulletin

Some camps allow kids to bring electronic gadgets with them to camp. One camp even includes the words, “optional cell phone” in its suggested packing list.

But this approach seems to be the exception, not the rule. Most camps restrict kids from bringing these items to camp completely.

Theresa Torrone, the director her own summer camp in Los Angeles, California, does not allow portable electronics at camp. “We believe iPods, Gameboys, cell phones, other portable electronic devices electronics are better left at home,” Torrone says. “Not only are these items easily lost, damaged or even stolen, they are counterproductive to the camp experience.” alternativehealthdirectory

Torrone says the goals at her camp include teaching kids about beach and ocean ecology, introducing them to new aquatic activities like surfing and jet skiing, and facilitating new friendships, among others. But if children are listing to iPods or talking on cell phones, “they typically do so in isolation, apart from the rest of the camp group,” argues Torrone. “We believe a large part of going to camp is sharing new experiences in a group setting. When kids are playing with their cell phones or electronics, their opportunities to learn and experience ne w things with their group are limited.” u88live

According to Torrone, some parents insist on sending a cell phone to camp with their kids because they feel more comfortable knowing they can reach their child anytime just by calling.

“But a major component to the camp experience is learning to live independently. Kids can’t do that with their parents calling them all the time. So we feel that parents should resist the temptation to send their kids to camp with cell phones. If you need to reach your child in an emergency or for any other reason, just call or email the camp office. They’ll be able to contact your child right away.” aniworld

Torrone says many camps now use technology to give parents “an arms length way” to see and communicate with their kids while they’re at camp. Some camps will post pictures of the campers on the Internet while others give parents the opportunity to send one-way emails to their kids as an alternative to sending letters. Trade Bitcoin

Torrone understands kids’ cravings for electronic toys and gadgets. “Many kids are even more tech-savvy than their folks,” she says. And there are some kids, Torrone says, who just “can’t get enough tech.”

In this case, Torrone suggests sending your son or daughter to a technology-based summer program. “Many camps specialize in technology-driven activities,” Torrone said. “Computer camps and video-making camps are really popular these days.”

To find camps like these, or any other type of camp, Torrone advises logging onto , the American Camp Association’s summer camp search engine which is filled with a database of approximately 2,500 accredited camps. Cbd gummies

Torrone’s Aloha Beach Camp embraces technology and the power of the Internet to provide informatio n to prospective camp families and customers. “But we’d rather not have their kids bringing electronic devices into the camp community.” Passiontwists

Does Torrone ever envision a day when electronic toys and gadgets will be accepted at camp? She pauses to think, then replies, “Well, maybe when campers can learn to ride a horse, bond with the rest of the group, roast marshmallows, do skits around the campfire and download songs to their iPods all at the same time,” she laughs.



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