Thanksgiving Unstuffed: Easy Ways to Relax, Have Fun, and Add Meaning to a Busy Day

When guests fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner, we chalk it up to a
full belly. thebusinessdays

When the cook falls asleep after Thanksgiving dinner, it’s for other

Let’s face it. Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work, especially when you’re
cooking for a crowd. You’re on your feet, you’re watching the clock, and
it’s hard to avoid stressing out over whether the bird will be “done” on

Meanwhile, if you have little ones, you’re feeling vaguely guilty about not
giving them attention. bareng88

One year, the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner with my extended
family got so hectic that we left the mashed potatoes in a bowl in the
oven — and nobody noticed until after the meal!

No single strategy works for every family, but here’s a philosophy that’s
helped me:

Less cooking, more connecting!

Can the meal be simplified? Check in to see if there’s anything you’re
cooking now that family members wouldn’t mind skipping — at least until
later in the weekend.

Can anything be delegated? Maybe your brother-in-law would like to
bring the pumpkin pie. You can give him the recipe for “fool-proof pie
crust.” storygame

Maybe some items can be bought rather than made at home. Cooking
ahead and freezing can be another option.

Perhaps the family wouldn’t mind eating later in the day, so you can
cook at a more leisurely pace. A platter of cheese, crackers, nuts and
dried fruits can tide everyone over until the meal is ready.

With the time that’s been freed up, we can enjoy family members
and friends and focus on appreciation. sportsyearly

We can look at each other, with love and attention.

We can tell each other what we appreciate about each other or about
the year that’s ending. We can play games, do a craft, tell stories, or
sing harvest-related hymns. knowledgehype

We can sit on the floor with any toddlers in the house and join them in
viewing the world with imagination and wonder. gossipcare


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