The Perfect Way to Train for Your Figure Competition

How do those figure competitors get those lean, figuresmagazine yet muscular and sexy bodies? I am sure you and many others have asked themselves that very question many times. Getting into such terrific shape does take some focus, dedication and hard work. No one just wakes up one morning with the prefect physique and walks on stage. If you ever wanted to enter a figure contest or just look like a figure model, I am going to share with you some quick and easy tips and secrets on how to train for your figure competition so you can attain a great physique, too. commitmagazine

Use weight training to build a solid foundation – The resistance bands and kettle ball trend workouts are in full effect right now. While such exercises may benefit someone who needs to lose a lot of weight, they are not necessarily the exercises you should do to build a figure competitors body. The way to train for your figure competition requires you to use weights to build lean muscle mass. You have to have a solid foundation built to compete in figure and win. youngmagazines

Utilize your off-season to build muscle – What is the first thing you notice when you see a well-developed figure competitor? You see beautiful and sexy lean muscle. The figure competitors you see on stage, online, and in the fitness magazines built their physique in the off-season. Off-season is the time you feed your body enough calories and protein to build as much lean and dense muscle as possible. If you do not have muscle, you can not win a figure competition. leadersmagazine

Know your rep range – It is important to know your rep range when you train for your figure competition. Many first time figure competitors are under the impression that they have to have marathon workouts in order to get into condition. Your diet and cardio will take care of fat loss. Keep your weight training focused on the muscle development. During the course of your figure prep you will lose some strength and energy, and only then should you lower your poundage and include more reps. For more info please visit these sites:-

Prepping for a figure contest does not have to be a difficult task. You just need to know and implement a few basics. When you put into action the right way to train for your figure competition, you will begin to see your body transform in just days.


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