Mary Kay Cosmetics – The Most Successful ‘Kitchen Table’ Business Ever?

Mary Kay cosmetics were founded after 25 years of hard grind were repeatedly passed over for promotion in favour of men given double her salary. Seeking to empower and enrich women’s lives in a way that her own had not been, her company was to be different. Placing faith ahead of the family and career, did Mary Kay cosmetics become one of the most successful ‘kitchen table’ businesses ever? stars77

To begin with, Mary Kay Ash didn’t know she was a visionary. She didn’t know she was a carrier of the American Dream, or that she would profoundly affect the lives of millions of women worldwide. What she did know was that she felt cheated and out of that loss came unexpected success. Seeking to heal her wounds, she began writing a book that she hoped would inspire women to reach for opportunities that had been denied her. clothing wholesale

As a child with a seriously ill father and a mother working 14 hour days, Mary Kay was used to experiencing the difficulties of life. Stepping up to the plate to care for her father, her mother’s mantra would often ring in her ears: “You can do it, Mary Kay. You can do it.” Taking that ethos into her adult life, she sat down at her kitchen table, took a legal pad and began writing two lists: one highlighting all the good she had seen in companies and the other everything that could be improved. When she had finished, she realized that her two lists together compiled a perfect business marketing plan. หนังใหม่ 2023

Mustering all her past experience, she turned that plan into a reality with the help of her 20 year old son and savings of $5,000. ‘Beauty’ cosmetics were founded as a small direct sales company. A company “with heart”, it would encourage other women to believe that they too could achieve great things. For more info please visit these

Mary Kay’s aim was to give women the opportunity to create personal and financial success in business, and that is still at the heart of the company today. Honoured by Fortune magazine as one of the best 10 companies for women, her determination and hard work have paid off. Her cosmetics now have a billion-dollar turnover and global sales teams in excess of 1.8 million. For over 40 years it has been used and loved by women worldwide.


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