Celebrities Wearing Canada Red Mittens on TV

Red mittens on the most popular daytime TV show ever! I must say that the famous hostess looked really good in those red mittens! I guess you don’t have to BE Canadian to look gorgeous wearing a pair of the flashy little comedic accessories. Everyone looks cool! mykindredlife

They are somewhat like the Muppets – they just charm the heck out of us all, not only on-lookers wishing they too had a pair, but also the delighted person wearing them. We Canadians are obviously a simple people, easily amused, easily in love with everything cuddly, warm and nice.


We are in a state kind of like advanced puppy love every time we get the chance to just go wild when one of athletes wins a medal. We’re just so happy to be hosting the world, showing them our friendship and cheering for everyone. The party going on in Whistler and Vancouver right now is just fabulous in every way. Finally, Canada gets to let er’ go and give ‘er and we are making the most of it; yelling and hollering 24/7 in Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler Mountain Village.

I wonder if the TV celebrity partied with the best of us when she came to town? I was a LITTLE disappointed that she didn’t look me up when she arrived in BC, Canada. Boo Hoo for me! We always find out after the fact that she has been visiting here on the West Coast of Canada or on the island (where I live) and then gone again, without so much as a free for all of media attention. We never hear that she is coming, just that she has been. I think that, maybe to many celebrities, Canada is a place where they can come to be free for just a little while, without all the paparazzi and endless crowds of fans reaching for her hands and shouting their name. I imagine the Queen of TV cherishes a chance to be left alone with all our majestic un-peopled spaces and our easy going, ‘mind your own beeswax’ kind of people.

So now the TV talk show host has taken our modest, but wonderful little red mittens to another level, where no doubt the “big O” effect will just extinguish the life out of it all together. The measly supply of red mittens ordered from China by the HBC is just never going to be able to withstand the wave of demand now that who knows how many million daytime TV viewers want them. Someone ought to go ahead and order more because even as I write, the old arbitrary law of ‘Supply & Demand’ will cause the whole thing to go crazy – short supply + Media Swarm demand = sky high prices, profiteering and worst of all, no mittens to be found anywhere by anyone. diagnozujmy

It’s just a perfect example of how the simplest, smallest most ordinary thing, like a pair of polyester knit red mitts that every child in Canada wears, can get twisted all around into something very heavy and very commercially warped. The shortage of the mitts has turned the whole thing into a super nova of gotta’ get it, gotta’ have it, gotta’ hoard it, gotta’ compete with my fellow humans, gotta’ make a profit. Though it is obviously true that Vanoc & the Canadian Olympic Committee originally planned for the red mittens to be a media/marketing campaign designed to wrangle up some Olympic spirit in the Canadian people, who were going to pay through the noses of our great grandchildren for the Vancouver Games in the end; no-one could have predicted that demand would go so crazy. That campaign was a huge success and we Canadians are now charged up on all burners with our pride and even love for our athletes whether they win, lose or even finish at all. Those red mittens seem all tied into how we are celebrating as Canadians and how we are relating to the media cameras and to our guests from all over the world and to each other. Everyone who has a pair is absolutely loving wearing them and flashing the little maple leaf at all who approach them! It would be so cool if everyone had a pair, but unfortunately, our marketing genius did not see this super demand coming. Who Did?


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