Gaming Mouse Comparison

Whether it’s a first person shooter or a strategy game that you’re into, the mouse can be the difference between winning and losing. The purpose of this article is to briefly outline and compare two of the most popular gaming mice-the Razer Copperhead and the Logitech G5. I used both mice for two weeks straight at a time, so I could get the best idea of what annoyances may not be apparent straight away. Read on and find out which one is the better buy as decided by me, newsev an actual gamer.

Both the Razer Copperhead and the Logitech G5 are attractive, high quality gaming mice from two big gaming hardware brands. In terms of specs both mice have a 2,000 dpi laser engine and high speed motion detection. Both are also roughly the same size, dpimouse however, there are many interesting variations between the two. For instance, the Logitech G5 has adjustable balance and weight, meaning you can control how heavy it is by adding weights to the bottom of it. When I found this out I was stunned! It’s possible to add up to 36grams of weight onto your G5-amazing.

The Razer on the other hand doesn’t have adjustable balance and weight, however it is the only mouse out at the moment that can boast on-board memory. This means you can save gaming configurations on the actual mouse and take it around with you, connect it to other computers and not have to reconfigure the buttons for individual games! This is one feature that I love because I know that it can be a nuisance having to reconfigure buttons every time you go to an internet cafĂ© or a LAN. But with the Razer, all you have to do is take your mouse with you and you’re all set, ozlaptopreviews something that many serious gamers already do!

Both mice are comfortable, although like any mouse out there, they take a little bit of time to get used to. Although I’d have to say out of the two I found the Razer to be slightly more comfortable than the Logitech. This is not to say the G5 isn’t comfortable, it’s just that I liked the way the Razer fit into my hand. I also was put off by the fact that the Logitech is only for right handers due to its lop-sided design. Even though I’m not left handed, nachrichtenmorgen I felt a bit uncomfortable having the mouse not being symmetrical.

After testing both mice with games such as Counter Strike, WC3 and Battlefield-I have to say that both are very high quality gaming mice. The Razer is the slightly more comfortable one of the two, but the Logitech G5 comes in with the innovative idea of adjustable weight and balance. Nevertheless, nagricoin the Razer also comes in with it’s own, possibly more innovative idea of on-board memory. In terms of price, the Logitech mouse is slightly cheaper at $46.33 whereas the Razer Copperhead costs you $62.20.


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