Indoor Tennis Equipment

A great sport for conditioning and hand-eye coordination is tennis. Often viewed as a warm weather outdoor game, normzplumbing tennis can easily be moved indoors when the weather turns bad so you can still get in great games of tennis once you have the right indoor tennis equipment. Setting up tennis games indoors is relatively easy to do and with the right game standards, posts and nets you can turn any indoor gymnasium into a competitive or recreational tennis court in just a few minutes.

Depending on how your gym floor is constructed you may have ground sleeves that can support indoor steel tennis posts or if not you can use portable game standards that can be wheeled into place and used to hold the net in place during games. Indoor posts are usually made from 11-gauge steel and are powder coated green or black. Portable game standards are made from durable galvanized steel and feature rubber mounts so standards can safely be used indoors on gym floors. Weighing approximately 145lbs portable game standards are up to the task of staying still even during competitive games of indoor tennis. Tennis lesson Singapore

Indoor tennis set ups are usually temporary to avoid cold winter weather so the equipment doesn’t have to be the best of the best, just good enough to get the games going. This means you should be flexible when choosing indoor tennis equipment since you may be able to re-use some of the accessories for other games. For instance, a 36′ long 42″ wide net with nylon rope cable can be used for indoor tennis and when paired with a multi-purpose aluminum game standard can also be used for volleyball as well. This way you don’t have to buy separate nets for different games since the net is suitable for both indoor tennis and indoor volleyball matches.

Other that will make physical education classes more enjoyable includes ball hoppers, scorekeepers and indoor drag brooms. Ball hoppers help keep track of all the tennis balls you bring to the court, tennis class Singapore scorekeepers let you keep accurate score of each and every game and drag brooms are great for doing a quick swipe of the court before a match to remove any dirt or debris that can cause the ball to kick or a player to slip and fall. With the right indoor tennis equipment you won’t have to worry about winter taking away from your practice time.


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