Why Drive Cloning Is A Great Data-Backup Solution For The Home User

What is Drive Cloning?

Drive cloning is as its name suggest, a process whereby you use special software to make an exact copy (i.e. a clone) of your main system hard drive including the boot sector. For example in a typical home computer the main hard drive this would be the C: Drive. A cloned drive (if cloned correctly) can be interchanged with the system drive and your PC will boot up normally and will not require any reactivation of Windows (even on Windows 7).

Why is Drive-Cloning Useful For Data Backup?

An up-to-date cloned drive of your system is a fantastic data backup solution for the average home user because it means you have an identical copy of your C: drive which can be instantly swapped with your main drive in the event that your main drive fails. All of your files and folders will be intact and it should take a matter of minutes to have your system back up and running from a catastrophic hardware failure. For more details please visit these sites:- https://www.shop-swimmingpool.at/

The Advantages Of Drive-Cloning as a Data-Backup Solution


  • You will not need to re-install your operating system
  • You will not need to perform any Windows updates or install any driver software
  • To restore your primary drive will take only a matter of minutes
  • Cloning is a relatively simple procedure once you are familiar with the software


The Drawbacks Of Drive-Cloning as a Data-Backup Solution


  • You will need to back up on a very regular basis to ensure you have an up-to-date cloned drive
  • You will need a drive equal to or larger than the capacity of your main system drive
  • The cloning process can take several hours if you have a large amount of stored data


The Bottom Line

As is often the case, there are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing drive cloning as your default backup solution and it will ultimately come down to personal preference as to which method of data backup you choose to employ.

My personal opinion is that the extra effort involved in regularly creating an up-to-date clone of my main system drive is a small price to play for the knowledge that in the event of a hard drive failure I can simply open up my PC, replace the hard drive with the clone and my system can be up and running again within minutes.

Final Thoughts

Data backup is an important process especially if you store your irreplaceable photos/videos etc on your PC. Cloning your hard drive is a great way to keep a backup of your entire system but like any backup routine it is vital that you perform your backups as often as possible. Whichever method of backing up your data works best for you is fine – and if you don’t already have a data backup solution in place then drive cloning should be a worthy contender for your consideration.


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