The Desert Conservation Reserve Is a Must-Visit on a Holiday to Dubai

Those heading to hotels in Dubai will no doubt have been drawn to the exciting holiday destination by its blend of glamorous hotels, amazing shopping, inpix beautiful weather and luxury feel – but those who venture out of the city may find there is more to this part of the world than high-end restaurants and sandy beaches.

When flying into Dubai to stay in a hotel for a relaxing break, visitors will no doubt see the vast deserts around the city, which are open to being explored by adventure seekers looking to get the most out of their holiday. bocoranadminriki

Less than 50 kilometres out of Dubai city centre is the beautiful Desert Conservation Reserve, a vast area split into a number of zones that aims to preserve the desert wildlife and protect the region from modern developments and other dangers. splitacdubai

Here, visitors can get a taste of desert life and will also be able to see beautiful animals such as the Arabian Oryx, as well as more than 40 different species of mammal, 120 species of bird and many different kinds of plants that can only be found in such arid climates. kjro

Zone one is out of bounds to visitors and it is here that the wild animals are allowed to roam free. Zones two and three allow for limited numbers of people and are home to watering and feeding stations, but it is zone four that attracts the most tourists. florbiz

Here, holidaymakers can immerse themselves in the traditional way of life in this part of the world, and can enjoy camel rides, thrilling jeep chases over huge sweeping sand dunes and delicious food eaten while being entertained by traditional belly dancers. lytron

As well as this, those feeling adventurous can take part in sand skiing sessions and are also invited to try their hand at archery and falconry.

After a long hot day of exploring this stunning part of the world, visitors can relax in a traditional Bedouin encampment and watch the sun go down over the incredible backdrop of the vast desert. In the Bedouin, they can enjoy a feast of grilled meats, freshly prepared salads, Arabic sweets and delicious beverages including traditional tea. qau

Guests can also try shisha and while they are watching the captivating moves of an Arabian belly dancer, they can have a treatment from a trained henna artist who can create incredibly intricate patterns and designs in a matter of minutes. animeloved


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