Space Exploration and Peace in the Middle East

Is it possible to bring a “bridge of technology” to the Middle East to unite the Western world in a common cause, the goal being the forward progression of mankind? Not long ago, I was having an interesting conversation with someone about all this, watin-p namely allow all of our partners and allies in the Middle East to participate in our space technology, as have the Russians, Australia, Canada, and the European Union.

In doing so, those who currently oppose us, for instance Iran, might dump their nuclear weapons program, agree on robust inspections, and then join their goal of a “100-points of Light” and technological advances with the global space community. At least this was my acquaintances question, and I believe this line of inquiry should be asked, perhaps as a solution, if somehow trust between Iran can be re-established with the global community.

Okay so, regarding Space Flight, well, that’s already happening too, remember the whole PR fiasco with the NASA Administrator talking about Middle Eastern futures with international space technologies? Well, we are looking into that, meanwhile space landing and launching bases are already being built in Dubai and other places just as Virgin Space Corp built the space base in New Mexico and they’ve already fired off rockets, this website satellite launches, to help make some money.

Personally, I am pro-space exploration and want to promote it, indeed, I feel so strongly about this, I have published some compilations of articles on space flight, orbiting space hotels, space colonies, and long-term space missions. I’d like to do everything I can to see that we have friendly technology use in a common goal of innovation and discover, but I do fear the dual uses of rockets, satellites, missiles, nadiya and space technology for weapons of war.

Some humans are really problematic, they cannot be trusted, that’s not my fault, it is just a real-world observation. Still, it worked with the Russians right? We now participate at the ISS and the Russians and EU are working on a Mars human habitat mission for the future, I say great!

In fact, nearly everything my acquaintance had suggested is being done, sho or at least they are being looked at. In Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom is graduating engineers rapidly and you are right there are not enough jobs for them, that’s a real problem, but if a new space industry comes forth maybe more will have highly advanced technology jobs in the future.

The Kingdom will be challenged from within if they do not lower unemployment and assist in economic development from within. It’s a challenge, on-going, forbixindia they are making headway. I’d like to see more freedom in the Kingdom and perhaps a steady pace towards more freedom and liberty towards women, I hope that slow change can be allowed to continue, and prosperity can result so other neighboring nations will follow suit.


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